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Our Chapter

Our 12 -Year Journey

Our journey to bring the Florida Chi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon back to UT began in 2012 as we founded the Florida Chi Alumni Association to spearhead efforts to bring our Chapter back to UT.  We began with sponsoring events. 

The most popular events we hosted were our eight "Greek Alumni Nights."  Each event was supported with food and drink, live music, nostalgic slide shows, $18,000 plus 

fundraising raffles, and the popular "Red Wagon Giveaway."


In addition, we proudly supported brothers John Kaufman, Paul Dolan, Joel Cirello, and Brad Schwartz's "Royal Krewe of Sparta" Gasparilla float. Their float is featured in Tampa's yearly Gasparilla parade celebration, and annually raises money for the University of Tampa. 


Executive Advisory Board


Mark Turner


Florida Chi, Class of 1983


John T. McQueen

Florida Chi, 1983-1985


Marty Rifkin

First Eminent Archon of Florida Chi, Class of 1982


Michael Southard

Florida Chi, Class of 1982

Past Eminent Archons


These men carried the torch of leadership to guide and direct the ΣAE Florida Chi Undergraduate Chapter throughout our history. Each brother took time out of a busy academic schedule to take on the task of responsible undergraduate leadership and chapter management.

Marty Rifkin

John Lowth

John Dobbie

Jack Nash

Bill Fountain

Al Dally

Frank Silcox

Rob Madden

Phil Hilgert

John Lowe

Paul Dolan

Mark Leone

Ray Young

Joe Miller


National Alumni Association Awards


The Florida Chi Alumni Association competed against 165 other alumni associations throughout North America. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Office considered the Florida Chi Alumni Association “exceptional” in these categories:

  1. Best Website -- (2016)

  2. Gasparilla Reunion Weekend (2016)

  3. UT Gasparilla Parade Float (2017) - (Awarded to the Royal Krewe of Sparta)

  4. Order of the Lion -- Chairman Mark Turner (2017) 

  5. Greek Alumni Night at the Vaughn Center (2018)

  6. Best Printed Communication (2020)

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