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Thank you for supporting the
Florida Chi Alumni Association's
Scholarship Drive

100% of your donation will go to our Alumni Association's scholarship program that supports the Florida Chi - Sigma Alpha Epsilon undergraduate brothers at the University of Tampa. Our goal is the prepare our young men for life, provide scholarship and encourage leadership opportunities. 


The Florida Chi Alumni Association of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in Tampa Bay, Inc. is recognized by the IRS and the state of Florida as an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax exempt within the guidelines of U.S. laws. Please keep your donation receipt as your official record.

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Honoring the Order of the Phoenix

We honor the alumni brothers of the Order of the Phoenix. Each brother of this Order represent the "Brother Heroes" of the Florida Chi Alumni Association.  Over the last 12 years, these alumni brothers, "whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety," are recognized for their incredible generosity and loyalty in the efforts to bring our chapter back to our alma mater. 


We commend these men as their "deed follows their word" with their time, effort and contributions. They act in an advisory capacity to the alumni association and are charged with feedback to the Chairman in the management of this association.   


Each of these men have shown great benevolence, and "think of the rights and feelings of others rather than their own" in their financial support of the Florida Chi Alumni fund raising efforts.  All of these brothers have lived up to the creed of the "True Gentleman." 


Phi Alpha to each of these faithful brothers: 

  • Mike Southard

  • Elliot Smerling

  • Marty Rifkin

  • John McQueen

  • John Lowth (in memorium)

  • Don Kunian

  • Andy Ferrigno

  • Frank Silcox

  • John Kaufman

  • E.J. Foody

  • Paul Dolan

  • Mike Floegel

  • Mark Turner

  • Al Dally (in memorium)

  • Sandy & Michael Oppenheim

  • Thomas P. Gill

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