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Our 12 -Year Journey

Over the last 12 years in our quest to bring the Florida Chi Chapter of ΣAE back to the University of Tampa, we have sponsored or hosted a wide variety of events.  We thank the Greek community of fraternity and sorority alumni for their support. Our gratitude extends to our non-Greek UT alumni, and the ΣAE alumni from other universities who participated.  


The Florida Chi Alumni Association underwrote quite a few fundraisers.  We sold T-shirts, hats, backpacks, collared golf shirts and DVDs to help raise money for our undergraduate scholarship program.  But, our most successful fundraisers were our eight "Greek Alumni Nights" with 200+ Greek and non-Greek alumni in attendance every year.  


Our Association participated in the Royal Krewe of Sparta's Gasparilla Parade Float, the University of Tampa's Annual Gasparilla Brunch and the Hattricks Gasparilla celebrations. We hosted an ΣAE Founders Day, a mini-reunion, a post-Gaspar Pirate Water Taxi & Brunch, various golf get-togethers, informal socials, and yes, board meetings, too.  


We have a lot of great memories.

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