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Letter from the Chairman

Updated: May 17

Our road back to an active Florida Chi chapter at the University of Tampa begins in the Fall of 2024.

To all brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon:

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is the immortal bird that rises from the ashes of its predecessor to be born again. I am proud to announce the revival of the Florida Chi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon on the campus of our alma mater.

The Phoenix firebird symbolizes death, re-birth, and renewal in many different cultures. I am sure there are many of you looking for ways to renew old friendships and reconnect with your fraternity of brothers. In doing so, you can help to revitalize the newest chapter within the realm of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

As we begin down the road with a new chapter in place, we are hopeful that you will offer us your knowledge and guidance. This will be a rewarding experience for all of us.

Join us on the start of a new adventure!

Phi Alpha,

Mark Turner


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